The First Day in Oxford

The first day in Oxford was magnificent. The 1-hour bus ride from London to Oxford was extremely pleasant. The countryside view was beautiful. It is simple and plain, but very beautiful. It was pretty hectic walking around Oxford with all of our luggage trying to find our flats (Venneit Close), but it eventually worked out.

(Country Side View)



We had a few intro talks and an intro party at the WISC (Washington International Studies Council) Office on George Street. There are people from various universities here (IWP, Adrian College, Marymount University, and more are coming) studying abroad with us as a part of WISC. I want to make sure to get to know people from all of the schools before I leave.

Dr. Snyder graciously took us out to dinner at Jamie’s Italian the first night in Oxford. It is a popular restaurant in town, and the food was phenomenal. I ordered an Jimmy Farm’s Italian Sausage, which as the menu reads, is a “grilled pork sausage flavored with red wine & spices, served with sweet & sour peppers, capers, chili & garlic.”

(My Order at Jamie’s Italian)


I know a few of the people studying abroad with me from MSU, but not many, and not that well. However, we are quickly bonding very well. It is easy to bond with people when you are put in unknown situations in an unknown places. You learn to trust people and look out for them. I think we enjoy each other’s company very much, and we are going to have a great month with each other.


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