An Amazing Trip to Cambridge

During the Spring Semester of school at MSU, Dr. Snyder thought that it would be a good idea for me to tour the University of Cambridge while I was studying abroad at the University of Oxford. These two universities are considered the best in England, and in the top of the best universities in the world. They both have produced tons of Prime Ministers, Nobel prize winners, and otherwise spangled alumni. These are also the two oldest universities in the English-speaking world. It is really tough to say which one is better, but they are both amazing universities!


I was very excited to go to Cambridge, and I needed to look up professors to meet with when I visited there. I went to their American Literature Faculty Page and found a professor whose interests matched mine. Dr. Kasia Boddy is who I decided on, and she graciously accepted my request to meet with her. After a three-hour train ride with Dr. Snyder (who due to Shackhouls Honors College Funding, paid for the trip), we made it to Cambridge, and I went in to meet with Dr. Boddy. She was so nice. She got me hot tea and asked me about my literary interests, and we had a great conversation about the Great American Novel, Ralph Ellison, and Stanley Crouch. It was amazing! We talked as if we were friends who had similar interests. It was the best first meeting I have ever had with a professor, and that meeting alone makes me want to go to Cambridge. I could see myself working with her on my graduate work.

(Dr. Kasia Boddy)


(The University of Cambridge)


Cambridge is a very cool city also. It is about half the size of Oxford, and thus is not as big of a tourist attraction. I have come to realize since living in Oxford that I am not a big fan of big cities. I can see why people from big cities are bit more stand-offish that small-city folks like me. They see so many people all the time, and it has weighed on me a bit. I have loved my time in Oxford, but I wish it were not so crowded all the time. People are always taking pictures and stopping in the walkway with no consideration for people behind them. I can get quite annoying.

(The University of Oxford)


But back to Cambridge, it is an amazing university and an amazing city. I think I like it a bit more than Oxford. The city fits me better. It is my top choice for graduate school now, and I will definitely be applying there next year. I will close with praise for Dr. Christopher Snyder. He is a first-class guy, and I like him more and more the more I get to know him. This is how I told my parents, “He has moved up on my list of professors and has surpassed them all. He gave me his whole day.” He has an unconditional love for seeing students who love learning to experience all the world of academia has to offer. I suppose that is why he has seen some good in me, and been so gracious with his time. He definitely lit a fire in my bones and made me want to be a better student and person that I am now, and I suppose that is the reason for going to college and studying abroad at the University of Oxford. I would not want to be anywhere else.

(Dr. Snyder)

chris snyder


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