My Other Class

Class with Dr. Ben Harvey has been very interesting. Just in case I have not explained already, us MSU students are not only taking the tutorial with a don from Oxford, but we are also taking a class with a professor from MSU. Dr. Harvey is our professor/supervisor while here in Oxford. He is perfect for the job too because he was born and raised in England, and his dad was actually a don at the University of Oxford a long time ago. Pretty neat story! He is an art historian, and his class is titled, “Objects of Travel.” In his class we will be discussing the history and meaning of collection and museums. It seems as if it will be a very interesting class.

(Dr. Ben Harvey)


(A History of the World in 100 Objects)



We will be reading the famous book by Neil Macgregor, A History of the World in 100 Objects. We will also be reading a lot of Virginia Woolf. He is a good professor, and I am in the mood for lots of learning! It is hard not to when one is studying abroad at the University of Oxford!. His wife, Megan Bean, and children are also joining him on the trip. Megan is one of MSU’s three university photographers and she will be capturing us in class and on trips.

(Megan Bean)


(Virginia Woolf)



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