Two Good Dinners

During our times at the University of Oxford, we have an University of Oxford student that is our liaison to the Christchurch College at-large, Georgia Lotter. She took us to formal dinner at Christchurch and we had a very good time eating with her and talking to her. Christchurch Dining Hall is very historic and overwhelming. Big pictures of regal-looking white men are posted all over the walls. Our conversation was very pleasant as she told us about her trips to America and what she thought of it, and we talked about what we thought of England so far. It reminded of the “international scenes” from The American by Henry James or Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin when you have Americans talking with Europeans. She took us to a pub after dinner at Christchurch, and it was overall a very good time.

(Christchurch Dining Hall)


Another good dinner I had, which will become a tradition while in Oxford, is a group dinner with the WISC students from Mississippi State, IWP, and others who want to come. We all chipped in 50P and bought pasta that the girls cooked. We will rotate flats and cooking obligations. It will be a good time for us to all come together from our studies and just chill and have fun. All is going well in Oxford!

(Two girls from MSU, Natalie Etheridge and Mary Lowry Nemeth, in the kitchen during our WISC Dinner)



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