The Bodleian Library System

The most magnificent thing that the University of Oxford might very well be its library system. It is quite the building. It has everything one could ask for. I say “library system” for good reason because they do not have just one library, but over 100 separate entities that all make up what is called “Bodleian Libraries.” It is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and second in size to only the British Library. It has been continuously running since 1602, but its roots go back even further than that to the 14th and 15th century.


The library system, as does the university, functions like the relationship the federal government in America has to the states within the United States. All Oxford colleges are their own separate entity and thus had their own library, but recently they actually brought them together. It is a complex system. The good thing about is that you can look up any book you are interested in online and the search engine will tell you if any libraries have it, and then you just have to find it. They have so many books that they have had to start storing books in basements around town. It is a really neat thing to see: a city obsessed with literature. I could get used to this!



Their study rooms are awesome, too. Everybody there is serious about studying, and it is quite the inspiring place to study. The building is glorious, and it makes you want do something great with your life. It is also quite the tourist attraction. Many people take pictures of the unique architecture and statues. Also, Harry Potter scenes were shot in parts of their library system. It is a neat place to study, and I am going to soak it in for all that it is worth.



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