Windsor Castle

Our trip to Windsor Castle was really nice. To be honest, I am not a big of fan of a lot of these museums we are going to. I suppose I am a hands-on person. I do appreciate the things in the museums, and their importance in society and how we as humans have progressed over time, but I would like to do something with those objects I see, but I cannot. No touching, no nothing, just watching. I suppose this criticism of the museums says more about me than it does the museums themselves. I am still new at all this, but I may have a point. I do like the painting and sculpture. Paintings and sculptures are not meant to be touched or anything — just watched, meditated upon. But microscopes, dolls in dolls’ houses, swords, and things of that nature that I have seen in museums around England, are meant to be felt with hands. Just looking at them and reading or listening to a description of these objects is kind of a tease. But this is not to sound ungrateful, I truly love that I am seeing all these things, but a little constructive criticism never hurts.

(a picture of me and Brian, our tour guide around England)


Windsor Castle is very regal and glorious. When we went there the Queen was there (it is her favorite place of residence), and she left for the horse races while we were there also. I missed seeing her out of the window though. Some of our students got to see her dogs. But like I said before in an earlier blog, I do not get terribly excited about all the regal and glory because there is a darker side to all of this also. Nonetheless, the architecture of Windsor Castle is amazing. The original castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror and many monarchs have lived there since King Henry I. Windsor Castle has survived tumultuous periods, such as the English Civil War, and served as a refuge to many. It is amazing to think this structure is still standing today, and serves as a testament to the enduring English spirit.






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