A Sunday in Oxford

Sunday, June 9, 2013

So this Sunday, I went to college church service at St. Ebbes and had a great time. The pastor preached a sermon on Habakkuk, and afterwards I was invited to stay at church and eat lunch with these two guys, Sam and Pete. They were very interesting guys who were very interesting in what I was doing here. We talked about the differences in America and England, our research interests, and particularly, American football. That is a big difference between the two countries. Us Americans love American football, and build big stadiums to prove it. They know nothing of it. I got their numbers and we plan to hang out again. We might go punting or play croquet. I was very happy to meet them. It has been hard meeting actual University of Oxford students, but this has been a good way in. I really like that church, and will go back next Sunday.


I had my first baguette also. That was my lunch at the church. It was not bad: turkey, brie, and swiss cheese stuffed into bread. Not bad at all. I am getting used to this food! On my walk back home I heard two of the most amazing violinists playing contemporary rock music. U2 and others on the violin! Beautiful. I stopped and watched, and even recorded it! I gave them a tip also. I felt like I had to if I recorded them. Cornmarket Street is the best. You never know what you are going to see: strange men juggling fire, people painted in green modelling with an umbrella, people selling obscure magazines, people preaching the gospel, people informing the citizens of environmental problems, or, people playing U2 on their violins. Lovely.







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