Christian Union, Free Cheesecake, and Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, June 13, 2013

Today I was invited to an end of the year party for the members of the Christian Union of Christchurch. I went by myself, and was kinda nervous about how would it go, but it could not have went better. We talked about everything from John Piper, Margaret Thatcher, and southern accents. It was a great time. I was once again invited to go play croquet and go punting with some of the people who are part of the Christian Union. It is very nice of them to take time out of their year, which is coming to an end, to spend time with me.

One interesting thing I learned from them about England is that the South is the North in England. What I mean by that is that in the North is more poor, and everybody in the UK makes fun of their accents, and they are generally looked down upon. Interesting. One more thing is that Margaret Thatcher also attending Christchurch College. She was the first female Prime Minister. She is “Ronald Reagan on Steroids” I heard. No comment. She is known for her courage to regain the Falkland Islands from Argentina. She got re-elected due to that war. She is also known for shutting down the mining industry in the North. People have very divided opinions on her. Go figure. I also got a free cheesecake! It is a Christchurch tradition for them to give each one of their students a free cake each year or term (I am not sure.) I love some cheesecake! Another great day!




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