Bath and Stonehenge Trip

June 15, 2013

This Saturday I went to the Roman baths in Bath, England. After that, we went to see Stonehenge. They were very nice sights to see. Not a terrible amount to say about it though. I had fun. Good talks with newly made friends, and unfortunately, my last trip with my two roommates from IWP, Mike and Chris. Man, I am going to miss those guys! It was also my list trip with the WISC/OSAP Program because I am leaving a week early and will not be going to Blenheim Palace with them in the last week. Oh, well… it’s been real. Check out the photos!






And these two photos are my way of saying goodbye to my roommates from IWP: Mike and Chris. Man, I love those guys. I consider them real friends, and I do not make real friends easily. They are good guys, and I am a better man for knowing them. They are definitely pretty crazy guys and a lot of different than me, but that is what makes them so great to be around.





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