London Again!

Friday, June 21, 2013

So I went to London again with Molly and Anne Tulloch of Marymount University after my last class with Dr. Harvey and the MSU crew. We went to the Pitts River Museum, and it was very interesting. Not as Eurocentric, but also not as narrative. I wish I had more time to go there again and look at it more, but Stanford is calling me!

We took the bus to London, and it only costs 13 pounds for a trip to and fro. We got there and took pictures at Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, and then went to the National Gallery. WOW WOW WOW! It was so inspiring. We did not even spend that much time in there, but the art was so inspiring. I am not surprised that it is considered one of the best museums in the world. I focused most of my time in the Impressionism rooms. Cezanne’s “An Old Woman with a Rosary” was the most intriguing one to me. I could look at that portrait for days. What is that lady up to? Only God knows.



We then walked around more (The Thames River to our right), just taking in the view. We then went to a pub, and then went to The Globe — yes, The Globe! So this is why I decided to return. I was not planning on traveling again, but Dr. Harvey got tickets from his cousin to see an all-female casting of The Taming of the Shrew and I he had an extra. He invited me to join him and his wife. What an awesome couple! We had great seats and this was probably my favorite play out of the three I saw during my time here. It was definitely the most entertaining; it makes great social critiques. More than anything, it is stressing, in existential terms, that being-for-others matters more than being-it-itself. We are slaves to how other people view us. The all-female casting of the play reiterates the theme Shakespeare emphasized so much, and I think he would be proud. I know I was. The Globe’s environment is amazing. It has a large area where people just stand, and, of course, it has an open roof. The actors were very interactive with the audience. I can only imagine how The Globe was when Shakespeare was living (Of course they had to rebuild it because it burned in a fire, but they re-did the dimensions to recreate the feeling).



After the play, it was around 10:45. We took the scenic route back to the bus, and London is so beautiful at night. The bridges are lit up in blue, and Big Ben is lit up in green. WOW! What a great trip. One other thing I took from this second trip to London is that I must live in a city where major art galleries and theatre houses are prevalent. I am taking this into consideration when I apply to grad schools. I feel like this will add so much to the college experience. It is a great way of learning about history in general. I can see why people love big cities so much now!

(This is the amazing picture at the National Portrait Gallery by Cezanne, “An Old Woman with a Rosary”)



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