Reflections: You must use a converter.

So everyone knows that when you go overseas, you have to use a converter and adapter. If not, your electronics will be ruined. This is a very ripe symbol for the whole overseas experience. One’s mind, in many ways, has to convert to how things are done in the particular foreign country, or else. Myself, a young black kid from Vicksburg, MS, who has always lived in Mississippi, had to convert and adapt. They do not think the same in England, whether that be politically, religiously, or in social graces. Everything is different — even the air you breathe as you walk the streets. The good humans are those who are flexible and find a way to make the most out of this unique opportunity to study abroad. It is not always easy. It most definitely takes some adjusting. The unexpected will come, but one must embrace the spontaneity and mishaps and roll with the punches. It is an invaluable experience. In many ways, I feel like I am just beginning to call this place my own. Alas, it is time to return to the States, and I am looking forward to my research at Stanford, and my last year at Mississippi State University. Who knows, I may be back? Someday, somehow, and the sooner the better.





university of oxford


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