The Morganatic Marriage: A Peculiar Pair

The saying goes as such, “opposites attract.” If that is the case, then the two paintings I chose will be married forever. One painting, The Forest Fire, is a large landscape painting that typifies the Italian Renaissance. It is large and blurs many of the things we take for granted in the modern world, such as the distinction between humans and animals. The second painting, An Old Woman with a Rosary, is by a French impressionist centuries later. It is not a panoramic and all-encompassing painting like The Forest Fire; rather, it focuses on the life of one obscure woman that hardly any one would have recognized.  Also, Cosimo’s painting is anti-religious and Cezanne’s can be interpreted as being extremely religious. On the surface, it seems like there is nothing in common. One tells the story of the world in a glorious way, and the other way is an obscure and nearly abandoned painting. But they both connect in this way: they both actually do tell the story of the world in their own way. One goes for the universal in the particular (Cezanne), and one just goes for the universal (Cosimo), but they both work very well and it speak to different people in very strong ways.






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